Friday, 24 June 2011


...was one of those weirdly productive days that leaves you satisfied yet strangely mortified. Where did the time pass. In addition to the usual bouts of surfing the web for wank fodder and nibbling on various seasonally available fruits, I also had one hell of a day.

All right, it began by an alarm. Never a good sign, as I was working a shite job last night. Then it was off to the Doctor's to overcome my overwhelmingly male fear of seeing anyone who has studied for a minimum of seven years in order to practice. Next came a cycle ride to the motorbike shop, then went to the bank, a chatted with the bank's staff, off to get a WD-40 clone, then cycled back, do second 'corporate' job, eat lunch before heading off to East London to pick up motorbike from partial repairs (a good thing, saved me a pretty penny - thank you!). Caught up with life, had supper, rode back, broke down (chain slipped off and caught chaingaurd). Then call out friend (who bailed me out - thank you!), chatted with other friend while waiting for bail out, before returning and writing a blog at 3am or so after completing part 1 of corporate job.

Now in the lull that is video rendering, instead of making a cup of tea, I am actually doing something far more productive. Like writing a blog. Wow. Does it get any more sexy?

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magiceye said...

:)it brings on a smile!