Monday, 4 July 2011 - redux

As part of the busy times of the past week, I did a little redesign of my website. So do take a look at, tell me what is going on, how things are going on the site and take a good click at all the links - I hope they all work!

It is part of my organisation (some may also say procrastination) but I really need to update the news and going-ons of the past year. It has been a busy time and the tweaking of the website is part of that busy period!

You see, I can blog, almost everyday ;)


magiceye said...

will do

Nick said...

Looks good. BTW I ran an automated link checker on the domain and it didn't pick up any broken ones. N

el director! said...

@nick - you are a don, thanks, and bon voyage!

@magiceye - cheers!