Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blogs I Admire (and will immitate one off) 2 - Indiophiles

It is no secret that I love India. And like Marmite, you either love it and embrace the country for what it is, or you run screaming for the KFC stand at the airport. I have never claimed that as a country it is perfect, nor have I claimed that it is idyllic. But for sheer excitement, there is nowhere else I have visited on this planet that shows the complexity of us as a species as India. It is a country that I visited twice in 2009 (yes, that long ago!) and I want to visit it again as soon as finances and time make it possible.

That may be quite some time. And I only spent a brief while in the North East corner of the country. There is probably no other place on Earth that holds within its borders, a diversity as great as India. Linguistically, culturally, in every way possible, the country is different. Going from one state to another is like entering a different world. There is nothing that is 'typically Indian', despite the banner waving of the Desi crowd who shudder every time they step foot into the country. (really, they do - just watch those 'bad kids' step off the plane and wilt with fear!)

Anyway, there is a particular blog I admire, and that is in every atom. Everyday, a new blog post is published that shows what is quite clearly a love for India. A multitude of journeys to this country is showcased in photos that not only capture the stunning landscape, but the people who live in this wonderful country. Sometimes the photos are funny, sometimes there is a great deal of sadness in the pictures shown and sometimes it is just a random snap from a passing vehicle. But all the time, there is a story told behind the picture, of the world's greatest contradiction...

So here is my (very) pale imitation of in every atom's (a great pic - click on that link!) unique take and perspective on India and the many travels undertaken. I took this while in Kolkata, for me one of the world's most underrated cities. A traffic cop, chatting on his mobile while the vehicles around him seem to trundle on. To be honest though, I was really taking a snap of his beautiful bike - Royal Enfield Bullet baby!

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lovely click!

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