Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm in trouble...

My mischief gets me into trouble.

Yes, and I am in trouble.

And I am sorry for it.

And I will have to pay for it.

Not that I was naughty in the 'mucking about' sense, but I was naughty in the careless sense.

And that is what has got me into trouble.

Life is split into two halves.

Before and After.

Before, life is carefree, but lonely.

After, life is saddled but enriched by company.

The choice is whether to stick with before or to jump into after.

Before is fun, random and free. You only have to answer to yourself and if something goes wrong, it is only you who has to take the blame and carry the responsibility.

After is when life becomes interesting. It is the time when you find out things about yourself that makes before pale into insignificance.

Slowly but surely I am transiting from before into after. It is a path I have chosen and that I enjoy. But I also get into trouble because a lot of my mentality is stuck in before...but what happens afterwards is more rewarding than anything from before.

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