Sunday, 17 July 2011

It is Sunday Morning...

...And it is dead quiet outside. The sun is shining, but the air is cold, and it feel like it should be spring, not summer. And despite the early sunrise, the bulk of the city is still asleep, probably resting their heads from all the booze last night.

In fact, inside, everyone is snoring, the only noise in the air are my fingers tapping on the keyboard as I write out this irreverent blog post. Personally, I am knackered, and I really should head to bed myself. I will in a bit. First check my emails and phone for any messages (not that any are important on a Sunday morning), have a shower and a glass of milk. I do like milk, it kinds of settles the stomach before hitting the sack.

But it is Sunday morning, and it looks kind of nice out there. Of course, being England, this means that the ran will kick in. Still, managed to lube my motorbike chain and tightened a few loose bolts on my motorbike. So far...a productive morning!

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