Friday, 8 July 2011

'To do'

I have a little list scribbled on my table of things I have to do in the next week.

It is not much, but to continue to run the film making (I could laugh at that grandiose statement sometimes), it is the little things that matters. The details. The bits and bobs, nuts and bolts that keeps the whole machine running.

Here is that list:

1) Top Up mobile (I still do not have a contract - disgraceful)
2) But Jiffy Bags (for the ever increasing black hole known as film festival submissions)
3) Buy Blank DVD's (It is 5am, and I am scouring the net for the best buys)
4) Get some A4 paper
5) Motorbike Insurance (as it runs out on July 17th)

These humble little jobs keeps everything in running order. Ugh, I hate doing them. But it is these niggling things that are important. The good news is that I have phoned the taxman! So at least officialdom is notified of my latest wheeling and dealings...

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magiceye said...

:) best wishes!