Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Bicycle Diaries Summer '11

This is my bicycle. Talk about old bloody faithful. I bought this in June last year and since then it has served me well. The amount I have saved in petrol costs is phenomenal. In fact I have not used my motorbike since the 6th, such has been my willingness to get my pot belly slimmed down for Poland.

But to be honest, this bicycle is wrecked. Over the past fourteen months I have tinkered but never needed to repair it. Making this the best bicycle I have ever owned. But as I said, it is wrecked. Cycling this winter made sure that this bike would be unrepairable. The salt and grit from the winter's streets has wrecked the mechanism, and so the crank is shot, the gears are mucked, plus with a stretched chain has meant the past few weeks have consisted of my hands getting filthy as the bugger slips off.

But it has been a good run. And for the first time for a long time, I am retiring the bike, not because of uneconomical repairs, but because it is just worn out. It has done a spectacular job! I have done more mileage in my bicycle than in my car or motorbike, and that says something about my travelling options. It is not because I am a cycling fanatic. I do not own one piece of lycra, but because I am cheap Really, the amount I have saved in petrol is phenomenal.

So on my return from Poland, I will use any left over cash to buy a new bicycle. Who knows how long it will last, or whether it will serve me as well. But to this bicycle, my current set of wheels, I salute you for the service provided!