Monday, 8 August 2011

Big City, Small Riots, Dumb Looting

London is thankfully a big city.

I live in South London.

Tottenham (in North London) might as well be a million miles away. There is no effect on my life or on what I am doing. I just go from A to B, doing my own thing, and I will happily bum my life away. The city has not shut down and in a few weeks, these riots/lootings will be forgotten as people need to get money. My armchair variety of blogging will continue and the world in my happy little mind will be settled. Life is simple. Ahh, there's that soothing calm coming over me already...

I do think Mark Duggan's death is tragic. As usual, the Daily Fail have called him a gangster, so becoming judge and jury. I really love their summary bits of justice. He's black, therefore automatically criminal, therefore I would have happily shot him if I could be bothered to drive from my suburban Chipping Norton home to get to him.

Like De Menezes, let the investigation take place, let the family grieve in peace and importantly, do not trust the initial reports by the MET. They have shown themselves time and again that when they kill a member of the public, they quite simply lie.

One thing, if you want to loot, do it where rich people live. Go to Knightsbridge and Chelsea and terrify the (rich) locals there. And steal something decent. Breaking into Carpet Right is not going to get you anything other than wall-to-wall carpets. That's it. Think about it!

Personally, I see no difference between the looters now and the bankers a few years ago. The only thing is that the bankers had the government on their side, but the theft of other people's things is wrong, no matter who does it or who you are doing it too. But if you're going to steal then be like the bankers. Clever. Don't s**t on your own doorstep, steal from somewhere else, from people who don't have the power to do anything, who cannot fight back. To those looters, if you really want to steal and resell this crap, break into the shops of the rich and famous, not of your own neighbours. That is why the bankers will still be laughing all the way to their bonuses. Because everyone is too dumb and lazy to look past their own doorstep...oh the joy of armchair blogging...Andrew Marr would be proud

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