Friday, 12 August 2011

Caution Wet Paint - Jay and Kay's first outing

The next week on the blog of el director is to be dedicated to my baby, Caution Wet Paint. Out of all the projects I have done, I really do have a soft spot for Caution Wet Paint. It is the film that has got me to more film festivals and I have met more people through this tiny project than through all the others combined.

For some reason, despite the ravages of time on these two fair actors, their hi-jinx, the odd pairing between the two individuals and their on-screen chemistry has given rise to a multitude of ideas. They have battled each other with Kung Fu, they have been in a detective adventure. Jay and Kay have even ventured into Outer Space,

So it is easy to forget that it all began a lot more simply (and also more complex) at an East London bus stop one cold Spring morning in 2007.

Now, for people on the web, the assumption was that this webisode was the first incarnation of Jay and Kay. Not exactly. You see, this was a shortened version of one that I sent to film festivals in 2007/8. And so, a few years later, here is the real version, the actual beginnings of Caution Wet Paint. And yes, there are more than just two characters, more than just Jay and Kay. For the first time, the rest of the world (outside those festivals) are also witnessing Fatima and The Doctor. Two characters who at this point join Jay and Kay on their adventures in East London.

Caution Wet Paint: What Really Happened at the Bus Stop

And to think this was shot on a broken camera, in the pouring rain, and unlike the film, the bus was actually screeching past every few minutes. And, fascinatingly, it was shot over two days. The actors who played Jay, Kay and Fatima were there on one day, and the actor who played the Doctor was there (on his own) the next. I would like to think that is funky acting and cunning editing there :) Oh yes, I know this director likes to blow his own trumpet...hehe!

Well, where is all of this heading? Twofold. First I want to develop a television series. This has been in the pipeline for the past year and is bubbling away. Secondly, I want to make a feature film of these characters, Jay, Kay, Fatima, the Doctor and much more besides.

Now add to the fact that next week, Jay and Kay Save the World will get its UK premiere in Glasgow and the week after will be screened in Poland, we also got screened on Polish TV. This is part of the build-up to the Quest Europe film festival and so it is exciting stuff for us to reach an even bigger audience.

So sit back, click the links, and most importantly reminisce (or take your first look) at Jay and Kay's original outing. Where it all began, at a bus stop in Poplar...