Friday, 5 August 2011


Scrumptious, tasty and my own recipe, these almost ovaloid pastry titbits are my own sugary creation.

Let me start. You see, the other day I went on a motorbike ride with my friend. But as I had a great curry that night I did not feel like heading to the douhgnut shop. So instead my sugary need was left longing for something...more...

So the ingredients. Lots of flour, a fair whack of Caster Sugar, some Butter (salted), sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla essence (which I forgot). Soften with milk or water and mix thoroughly. I should really give you some measurements, but I do not use them, so how can I give them.

But anyway, when the pastry is nice and doughy (like play-dough) whack a good handful onto a board and roll it out. To prevent the dough sticking to the board, use plenty of flour to make sure you get a nice even roll out. I used a cutter to get a roundish shape and just prized a hole in the middle myself.

Next, take the dough, bung it into a frying pan or a wok with (hot) vegetable oil and fry until brown. Remember, the gas cannot be too high as you have to cook the dough all the way through.

Afterwards, once the doughnuts are nice and brown, stick them into a plate filled with caster sugar and sprinkled cinnamon. Mix it around and voila! Home made doughnuts.

Okay, this can spectacularly screw up. The dough is the way it can get screwed. If the dough is too doughy and liquid like, then add some more flour and bung it in the fridge for an hour or so to cool down. It then becomes a lot more manageable.

Oh, did I enjoy this! I normally don't cook puddings, and I have a schizophrenic sweet tooth. I differ from longing of sweeties to no interest whatsoever. Usually it depends on what I ate the night before. But these doughnuts are useful, and cheap. All the ingredients (including a decadent pot of ground cinnamon) cost within a fiver. And I easily got 3 dozen doughnuts from my mixture, with bits and bobs to spare...

Mmm, doughnuts...

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magiceye said...

that is brilliantly delicious!