Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Fruit (and Vegetables) of my Labour

I am no gardener. More of an accidental gatherer. I see things growing in my mother's garden and I pluck them from the trees and bushes. My late father was a great gardener when he was alive, and I did the great father-son bonding of planting trees. Today two trees in the garden were planted by my dad and me. A plum tree and a pear tree. And yes, that pear you see is from that very pear tree that I planted with dad.

This year has been particularly bountiful in the garden. The Apples (four trees) have been particularly good. Both to eat raw and stewed. Fantastic. The pears have been better than before. Not that sweet, but cooked they are fantastic. The plums (not pictured) are now sour which means in about a month's time, they are going to be divine.

We have had herbs galore earlier in the year. Our own fennel plant has been sprouting and I have flavoured many omelettes and fish! Mint has been in abundance and even chives are there to be utilised.

But the big surprise of the year has been marrows. Earlier this year, we chucked a rotten marrow into the garden to help fertilise the pear tree. And lo and behold a few weeks ago, this sprouting weed turned out to be a marrow plant. Fantastic. Already two have been nibbled and another two plucked yesterday. Mmm, I love marrows, courgettes and the like. But fresh ones, organic, no fertiliser and happily accidental marrows. Mmm...the ones yesterday tasted like butter. So soft to the texture, and a wonderful sweet, nutty taste...

I am particularly lucky. To have access to this much fresh fruit and vegetables. A symptom of summer, a happy accident, but one that leaves me very satisfied indeed!


magiceye said...

hey thats cool

Nadeem said...

Nice one! Those veggies look fantastic.

Looks like you've got green fingers and certainly worth keeping up with the gardening.