Thursday, 4 August 2011

I despise the internet.

The internet is not inspirational, it is not social and it is not 'connected'. The internet is not news, just lazy reporting by journalists jerking off online. The internet is not fun, the internet is not informative and the internet is not sexy. The internet is just...lazy...

There, I have said it. I despise the internet.

I am a conflicted man. On one hand, I love blogging, as I love writing. Despite the pressures of time, I have been blogging continuously for the past 31 days and I aim to do so everyday before I jet off again in two and a bit weeks time.

But...I am a divided person. Don't get me wrong, the internet is damn useful for a film maker in many wys, but it also is a curse. I love the freedom it brings, but hate its distractions. I love the ease of access that I am allowed, but I despise the barriers that are also there.

But the internet is just that. A net of ideas to be shared. It is not newsworthy or a revolution. Just a sting to add to the bow. A useful tool, but not my life.

And talking about getting a life, I think I might make some doughnuts. Toodles!

(Pic at the top of the post from the Opte Project)


Nick said...

Passionately agree w. the first paragraph... N

magiceye said...

:) evil necessity?

el director! said...

@nick - we share very similar views on this and 'happy belated birthday'

@magiceye - i think more 'evil' then necessary, but a necessity all the same...