Sunday, 7 August 2011

What happened in N17 last night?

We live in a depressing city. Did you know a man was shot dead by the police in North London on Thursday night? Did you? No, probably not. Instead you probably knew more about Facebook's sister instead of the father of four.

Now, while the police investigate the shooting (along with the bribes paid out by News International)..yeah...anyway, while they buried this one - oh my goodness, there was a riot last night in Tottenham. Suddenly this shooting became front page news! All because North London went nuts.

For once, I am not blaming the police. They are investigating and so, let us see the outcome.

But where the press in reporting this. Police shootings are thankfully not a common thing in the UK, so it certainly should be newsworthy. But why haven't I heard anything about it until the riots kicked off, and so leading me to investigate why people were rioting.

Shame on you media outlets for not informing us sooner! I would like to know if someone got shot in my city, not who is jerking off on Gimpbook. Oh sigh...

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