Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What is Caution Wet Paint

A question I get asked and one of the hardest to explain. What is Caution Wet Paint?

To put it quite simply, CWP is a universe that I have created that assemble a whole host of crazy characters and their adventures in East London. Much the way the world of the View Askewniverse or Peanuts contains a whole host of characters that interact when they have to but also lead their own separate adventures.

In particular the Caution Wet Paint universe centres around two individuals. Jay and Kay.

Jay (on the left) is an aspiring Comic Book artist. He struggles with his dream to see his comics published and accepted. He is also incredibly shy among women and is always consumed by his own fears. This makes him one moody little bugger.

Kay on the other hand is one hell of a great guy. Fun loving, intelligent (beneath the veneer of c-r-a-z-y) and very innocent, he will do anything to help out his friends, who in reality is Jay. They live together, sharing a flat in East London and despite their ups and downs, they cannot seem to get along, one without the other.

Both Jay and Kay are based around me and the events that have happened to them are not that far removed from the truth. I am not like Jay or Kay but aspects of me are reflected in them (or aspects of them you can see in myself). Like any other writer I take what I see and what has happened to me and express it to the world. In this case, I expressed it through comedy, song and dance! Hey, do not mock musicals, they are extremely manly productions.

(Oh dear, that is coming across as all wrong...)

Where would I want to take Caution Wet Paint? Well, to the world. Like every writer or artist of some form, we do not work in a vacuum but need an audience to galvanise us. It is the natural progression of all of this expression.

And so I am off to Scotland tonight, to galvanise the reaction of my latest audience. If you are in and around Glasgow tomorrow, then join me!

Caution Wet Paint: Jay and Kay Save the World:

UK Premiere at the Conforti Insitute, Coatbridge (Glasgow, Lanarkshire), 7pm August 18th!

More details about the festival here.

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(Nearest Train Station - Whifflet - trains every half hour from Glasgow Central, journey time 30mins)


magiceye said...

wish i could have been there!!

el director! said...

@magiceye - it was great fun!