Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back a week already?

Oh, I do feel a little woozy.

One week back, and I have been working like a dog. Slowly I have got back into things. First of all, I have caught up with sleep. I have been shattered while in Poland and Eastern Europe, as I was B-U-S-Y! Film Festival, travelling and a whole range of sightseeing made this like many of my journeys - tiring!

And throughout the month, I will be bogging about my journeys through Eastern Europe. As I have mentioned previously, I made my first intercontinental road trip, some 1500 miles where I went from Western Poland to Budapest and back again. Talk about a massive journey!

I am dead busy for the next few weeks as well, before my next 'break'. Ugh.

But stick around, more amazing 'titbits' will be eminating from this blog over the coming days, including the tale of my Euro Road Trip. On this holiday I added countries number 34 and 35 to the list!


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