Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Crossings of the River Danube 2 - The Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd)

The Chain Bridge may be the most iconic of Budapest river crossings, but in my opinion, the Szabadság híd or Liberty Bridge is probably the prettiest sight in Budapest! Budapest's third oldest crossing, it was built in time for the Magyar Millennium (in 1896), which was the source of many great public works of art in and around Budapest, including its iconic Line 1 on the Metro.

I have a lot of fond memories of this bridge as both last year and this, I was living but a stone's throw away from here. Close to BUSHO HQ, for me it was the most convenient way to cross Europe's longest river. And yes, during my road trip this year, I even drove over this most iconic of Budapest's bridges. Linking the city's Central Market Hall on the Pest side with Buda's famed Gallert Hotel and Spa, this is a place that sees tourists throng to it. In any other city, this bridge would be the icon of the city, but such is Budapest's beauty, it is simply another way to stroll across the river that runs through it...

It is a great way to cross the river. Trams trundle over every few minutes. And hell yeah, it is romantic place to take a stroll. The river laps below, the breeze is...strong. Ahem. And while there are many sights to see in Budapest this bridge makes a wonderful sight to see in this wonderful city!


magiceye said...

very pretty indeed!

loved the last pic!!

el director! said...

An amazingly traffic free shot for that last pic!