Sunday, 18 September 2011

Zelda Adverts!

The Legend of Zelda is a quarter of a Century, and it is no surprise that I just love this game series. This was the gaming experience that defined me as a child. Just type 'Zelda' into the search bar and you will see me wax lyrical about this fantastic gaming franchise.

But I was trawling the net yesterday and came across this:

The Best Zelda Commercials!

It's nearly 20 minutes, but for me it was a great trip down memory lane.

It's weird to see how the games and the advert for the series changed. For me my favourite adverts from the video are for 'Majora's Mask' (first version), 'Wind Waker' and the first 'Spirit Tracks' Ad (the spooky one on the Subway). Special shout outs to the 'Minish Cap' ads (all of them) and of course the dancing advert from 'A Link to the Past' for the Japanese market. That one is just, weird...

Unfortunately, I have not played all the Zelda games in the franchise, but I am hoping to be allowed to by a 3DS soon so I can relive some memories and try some new ones out too! Here's to hope!

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