Sunday, 2 October 2011

Back in Budapest 5 - A final look round

You know, there are so many things I could write about Budapest. In fact a friend of mine yesterday was thinking of taking his partner there for a romantic weekend, so I pointed him over here, to this blog to have a gander.

And I myself have a few more things to say and show about the city. Let me start at my favourite point in the city, the Liberty Bridge:

(World's most romantic, iconic, styled, metal over water thingy!)

One of the city's most iconic structures, would this be anywhere else in the world, it would be a symbol of the city. In Budapest, it is merely a bridge for couples to hang their padlocks on.

Budapest is famous for Statue Park (officially called Momento Park), a large piece of green on the edge of the city where the grand busts of the Communist Era now spend their retirement looking on at the Glorious state of freedom that now exists in an ordinary Hungarian suburb. I did not manage to get here.

Of course, that has meant that the centre of Budapest has a lot of places that need filling up with art work...

(Good Dog!)

And Budapest is a green city. Parks and Squares adorn the centre of the city, and while City Park is justly famed, there are a whole host of smaller suqares and green plazas dotted around the city. These Green lungs provide rest and shade as well as a wonderful place to weave in between the traffic when traversing the city on foot:

(Sunshine, parks, what more could I want?)

The Central Market Hall in Budapest, just by the the Liberty Bridge on the Pest Side of the River is a wonderful example of a tourist trap. But is actually rather good. Really! One of my favourite places in all of Budapest, it is a fantastic place to sample some wholesome Hungarian food in the centre of the city. This is the place where it gets as close to the Asian Hawker Stall concept as you can imagine. Which means wholesome food at good prices ;)

Now, for some reason, there was a picture of HM Queen Margret hanging high in the Central Market Place. With a piece of propaganda that is almost as good as the old Soviet Statues, here is a monument to Capitalism that may get its own museum entry in a generation or so. Let us see how the current economic crisis pans out...

(She killed the Communists so you could be free to buy flowers instead of pluck them!)

Getting around Budapest is a blast. Although there was the option of the car, that would be suicide. After all, why would I want to use such an instrument of automation when I could hop on the city's trams, buses, trains or tube lines? With Line 4 being constructed at a pace that made the construction of the Jubilee Line seem quick in comparison, it is still easy to traverse the city. A lot of the Metro it is inherited from the Communist Period as well as from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but the network runs very well and seems to cope the crowds of modern Budapest. Along with the trams, why would you drive in this city?

(Russian Chic!)

The views are stunning across the city from Buda's hills. There are so many vistas that I want to share, but really, there are only so many photos that can be uploaded in one blog post.

(Beyond the city, there be wild beasties - look!)

Well thank you Budapest. You are a most hospitable place and have made yourself available to this humble traveller for a second year in a row. I do not know when I will next return, but hopefully, one day soon, I will be back. If you want a travel recommendation from Europe then this is it - head to Budapest! You will not be disappointed...

(Hint - look up while in Budapest. It is pretty!)


magiceye said...

very pretty indeed!
miss the people though!!

el director! said...

@magiceye - early sunday morning for a lot of pics, so no one is about on the roads then ;)