Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It's 5am in the morning...

...and I am waiting for my computer to churn over.

It is that time of the month again. For me, when I am rendering some video files and exporting some codecs.

But as I have twenty minutes until the computer finishes churning, I figure, I can wait that 20 mins before exporting another video file. While that exports, I head off to bed, let the computer churn and I am the king of the Zzz's...

So I am waiting.

For my computer to churn...

I have already done my online banking.

As I now have a current (checking) account, savings and credit card with one bank under one roof, I am one of the few British consumers that actually changed their banks. SO that was fun. Yes, internet banking is fun!


Still some time to kill.

All right, what do I do online now?

Pornography is dull.

Watch some videos? Of movie trailers? Nah, that will slow up my computer.

Yes, I am quite tired as you can expect.

Still, my computer churns away.

Check mobile, yep, fully charged. Oh, got a text message, I should have checked that earlier on, shouldn't I?

Oooh, look, only a few seconds left!

That's it, I am off to export one more file and let the computer work while I sleep! Toodles!