Saturday, 29 October 2011

Online Banking and how life gets sensible...

I know this sounds so early noughties, but I am really getting used to online banking. I recently swapped my accounts and so at the moment I have a current (checking) account, savings account and a (dreaded) credit card all with one bank.

So before, my stuff was all over the place, now on one page, I can see every transaction, swap money from one account to the next and generally get on with my financial life without having to go to the bank.

I suppose the main reason I never did this before was that I had no faith in internet banking.

But the reality is that I do a lot of financial transactions online. My goodness, life is all online. Let me explain:

This year, some of my biggest expenditures have been holidays. in total, I will be taking six flights to Europe by the end of 2011. All of them booked online. Any hotels that I used while abroad were also booked online, in advance. Presents that have been bought have been done online, even spare parts for my motorbike were ordered online, my bike insurance, the tax disc for my car. So yeah, I spend lot of money online. Why not begin to manage it in the cloud too.

(The only thing I never really jumped into was internet dating. Tried it once, it felt too freaky so never again.)

So slowly, I have been coming round to sorting out my finances. A part of growing up I suppose. And a lot of it has been done, like now, in the wee hours of the morning, online, while waiting for a computer to render, or just before heading to sleep after arriving from work. Nothing really important I suppose, just like a number of people.

But in a few short years, I am happily spending and organising my financial life without the interaction of other people. Alone, and using my electric communication connection. A decade ago, this was a strange, new world. Untrusted, and unknown. Today, it is not quite a part of the social norm, but it is no longer that unusual. We have come a long way since the world portrayed in The Net.

I suppose it is the eventuality of choosing life. Growing up. Cash is king, sleep takes over and the world, the way you saw it becomes very different. No longer just living for the moment and reacting, but thinking, maybe I should plan this. Of course, the most famous quote I always use, Si quieres hacer reír a Dios, cuéntale tus planes could easily apply to this paragraph. Plans, thinking of the future, these are unpredictabilities. But who can resist the sheen of low fat, high fibre, tolerable cholesterol fad consumption? It begins with online banking, but it will get more sensible, life, my life. And is that a good thing, a bad thing, or just an inevitability?

I got to get some sleep. All this nerd/life talk has got me tired...I suppose that is what happens when you eventually grow up. The fatigue of it all...