Wednesday, 5 October 2011

This blog confuses me...

Recently, I have been writing more abut travelling rather than film making, my other great passion in life. That is for many reasons, but nonetheless, film making has been taking an incredibly large amount of time. From distributing Irfan to festivals, to actually appearing at festivals, my artistic output has been massive over the past few months. And exhausting.

I have had to catch up with editing, which to be honest I have got into debt. The Guru episode from yesterday was one example of that. Shot in the summer, it is already two weeks late! Sorry! But I have been busy. Trying to balance the mundane (McJob) with the fantastical (film) has got me into a tizzy. And as I said, into debt. I am way behind on editing Amigos Amigos, yes, this project has to be finished. I do not know what will make me finish it, so I have decided to break with my puritanism and I have decided to treat myself. When I finish Amigos Amigos, I will buy myself a 3DS - I need to bribe my mind into getting this done, and this may be the only way. Pleasure for pain.

But the other big reason for falling behind has been two big corporate filming jobs, back to back. Lucrative (when the first one pays up) and fun, but they have completely thrown my normal film making process out of the window. Not that I am complaining at all. From a financial point of view, it is great to get paid to do what I actually enjoy doing! Which is also why the artistic stuff has got pushed to the back burner. Unlike an actor who appears for one day and says bye-bye, in Post-Production, the time to realise a film takes a hell of a long time. You have to bump jobs back, one by one as you cannot swing from one shoot to the next carefree Each job takes a hell of a long time to make, to be honest, to construct.

Luckily, I am fast ;)

I can edit at an incredible pace, but even I have my limitations! I try to be Superman, but sometimes I am no better than Aquaman. Such is life, I guess I am not that immortal.

So one of the ways to also change tack has been to write about travel. You see, films are fascinating, especially to watch. But writing about film making is, well, dull. I may be El Director, and this is my blog, but that still does not make writing about film making interesting. Contrast that to writing about festivals, or travelling to those far flung places. Yeah, that is a lot more interesting, and also healthy for the mind.

After all, it's good to look up once in a while from the computer screen. It's life, and if you're not careful, you'll miss it as it passes you by...

(paraphrased from here)

So do not worry dear reader. Like a swan, I am just here to make this look good. Beneath the serene ramblings of this particular blogger, is a mind working furiously on his filming life. It takes a long time, after all, I am on my own in this world, and I have been incredibly isolated on this journey that I am making. I have met many people made and lost many friends while on this journey to try and reach the stars. But the journey is still continuing...but my goodness it is taking its time!

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magiceye said...

as long as the journey is fun keep journeying!!