Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Motorcycle Diaries - Autumn/Winter 2011

A couple of nights ago, I was rushing to work.

Typical. Why me?!

McJob, the usual, but anyway. As always, I was so last minute in my rush to earn moooooooooneeeeeeeeey. And I had left just enough time to hop on the motorbike and ride off ino the moonlight that is a night shift.

Kick started my wee little beastie. And always before I leave, I check my tail light. Brake light was working, but there was no rear light itself.

Ah, bulb needed to be replaced.

The tail light is essential for a motorbike. For the simple reason that there is only one of it. A headlight, if it goes, well, yes, it is bad, but you can always switch onto beam lights to get you home. Also, the indicator lights, while nice, you can survive without it.

But no tail light, then you are as good as dead. Plus, the MET Police have been swooping round this part of London like a bad smell, pulling over drivers and riders with impunity. So I drove the car to work that night, and even worse, had to sit in traffic the following morning on the way back home.

And this morning, bleary eyed, I remembered that I had to replace the light bulb.

So why do I not carry spare bulbs? Actually, I do. My little top-box has a bundle of gaffer tape. And stored in that bundle of tape is a carefully bubble wrapped tail light bulb.

I also have a screwdriver in the box.

Always being carried with me, wherever I ride. Handy to keep as you never know what may strike.

If anyone wants to steal my bundle of tape, sorry, no drugs there. Just a single light bulb about a quid in price.

Yeah, do not underestimate the thieves in London.

But it is handy, to have a spare, if I am somewhere out and about and I have no tail light, to have this spare.

Of course, it is no use having a spare light to carry around if you do not leave for your destination in good time.

I suppose this teaches me a little lesson.

To actually leave a little extra time before heading out to the wild places in London town. Then maybe, if there is a little emergency like this, I can quickly replace bits and bobs without worry.

But will I do that? Hell no, there is far too much procrastination to get up to. Like blogging...


Just a little note. I do have a slight oil leak. A funny thing, but whenever the bike is upright and leaning backwards, oil drips ever so slightly out of the sump. Why me?!

But when on the centre stand and slightly leaning forwards, everything is fine. Something for me to investigate when Spring comes round. At the moment, repairs are too cold to do! And I just feel oh so lazy to be that productive. Maybe I can continue blogging a bit more in increase my productivity :)

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