Sunday, 6 November 2011

The New £50 Note - and it's mine (for now)

The new fifty pound note was released this week! And of course, as everyone in the UK knows, to actually get your hands on one of them means that you are up to no good whatsoever!

Pound Sterling is an unusual currency. The legal tender laws in the UK are some of the most complex in the world. But for the bulk of the country, there are only four bank notes issued by the Bank of England. £5 (a fiver), £10 (a tenner), £20 (a score) and £50 (allegedly a bullseye - but as it is so rare to handle, no one uses that terminology).

I must admit, it is nice to hold a £50 note. They are so bloody rare that it will not be long before it is spent. But, it does feel good. Of course, with Quantitative Easing, the value of both those notes will be pretty much nothing in a few years time...