Friday, 2 December 2011

The Big Distraction

At the moment it is very important that some overpaid public sector worker gets a lot of free publicity for saying something not that funny but really, not that serious either.

He has probably got a book to sell this Christmas or something.

But that misses the point. On a grand scale.

Two significant news stories, widely reported this week but seemingly ignored by the general public. And it was not the damp squib of a National Strike that supposedly hit the UK on Wednesday.

Firstly, something close to home. The possible collapse of the Euro. Our esteemed Governor of Wonga has told the UK's banks to not pay bonuses to its staff or dividends to its shareholders, but to use its cash for possible fall out in case the currency collapses.

I, you and the rest of the world know that is not going to happen. So bonuses will be paid, a currency could well crash and come 2012, the taxpayer will have to bail out these banks again. As someone once told me, it is like an abusive relationship.

Or there will be another run on these banks.

As a saver, I am watching this like a hawk. If I think my bank is going to go bust, then my cash goes back under my mattress. Better to loose out to inflation than to loose everything.

Secondly, the expulsion of Iranian diplomat and the collapse of Iran/UK relations.

This may seem like another spat between two mutually antagonistic governments. Or is this the forbearance of something more sinister.

After the disaster that was Iraq, the close run in Libya and the continuing stagnation in Afghanistan, do we really need to go gunning for another tin-pot, oil-rich/strategic country? The UK is broke enough, plus far too weak to go on some democratic crusade?

But of course common sense and listening to its population's wishes never enters our elected leaders' minds. Otherwise, they would not have bailed out the banks in the first place. Nor would they get distracted by an overpaid television presenters carefully chosen words...

I suppose Christmas is here, and it is good to get a jolly distraction or two towards the public before the reality hits us next year. More wars, more state aids for the rich and more crap dolloped on the rest of the population. I suppose it is a gift to live in such enlightened times, when the obvious is there for us to see, but the majority of pepple are too busy jerking off on their social media to care too much.

But as I said, I will be keeping an eye on the banks. I do have a fair amount of cash that could go down the plug hole.

Oh, and a war with Iran. Nothing frightens me more. It really would make Iraq look like a picnic. But of curse, you do not see any politicians on the front lines, so I suppose it is okay then. Right?

And tomorrow, former glamour model on the television tells us that she thinks all the wheelchair bound should be denied access to air pumps so the tyres on the wheelchairs cannot be pumped up.

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