Thursday, 8 December 2011

Editing Update on 'Amigos Amigos'

Not a long post, but just to add to the teaser I released earlier this week. There will be a few updates like this over the next few weeks as I finish off this documentary based on Country Music in the Seychelles.

First of all, apologies to the bulk of the people reading this blog. I know that half of that teaser was spoken in Creole, the language of Seychelles, but it was mainly targeted for the Seychellois community. The next teaser will have subtitles, I promise, so everyone (well, a lot more) will be able to understand.

So I have got half an hour of footage under my belt and I am on target to getting between 45 mins to an hour of documentary edited. Then I will trim down the documentary to something more like 35-45mins, subtitle it and clean up the soundtrack. As it was shot on an old VX-2000E, it is in lousy SD, but as it is a documentary I think (or hope) I will be forgiven for the poor picture quality.

I am aiming to get the bulk of work done by the end of January, which will leave me with the remainder of 2012 just spent cleaning it up, trying to clear music copyright before sending it to festivals. Now, it has taken me a while to get into the documentary, but so far it feels all right. I am getting back into the groove of editing, and it really is the last thing I have on my plate with regards to old stuff needing to get done. Throughout Autumn, I have been beavering away, clearing my slate for next year. Tying up loose ends, making sure that Irfan, for better or for worse, gets distributed to its festivals and making sure that I enter 2012 with the clearest of hard drives and minds to concentrate on the next project.

And yes, more will be revealed as I am already planning and writing the script for that baby. And it could be interesting. Which is why I want to make sure I have a clean slate. Onward I go...