Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012...

So ends 2011.

How was it for you?

Was it fun, or fumbled?

Factually interesting or a fictional bore?

As the Earth is about to end next year, London will be the centre of the world. Some lady who has adorned my cash will be celebrating the fact that she has smiled upon Sterling for sixty years.

There is also a modern day coliseum of blood to take place on a former waterlogged marsh in the East of the city, complete with out own smiling Nero looking over the celebrations while the army of illeagal immigrants, the poor and the destitute will continue to work through the whole year, slowly seeing the value of our cash drip away as we struggle to survive, while our glorious leaders bathed in the blood, sweat and tears of those they trample underfoot tell us, we are in it together.

So I an off to work, agai, tonight. Am I bitter? Nope, just peeved off again that it will be a lousy way to enter 2012. Somewhere in South London I will be seeing the rest of humanity celebrating while I bitterly mope in my cup of tea somewhere.

Oh, then there is January, traditionally my holiday month. Although this year, my holidays will be spread out towards November, so I will only be jetting off for a weekend here and there. Yes, I have booked a ridiculous amount of flights this year, so far five of them. I have another two planned before the end of the year, and if the price is right, maybe three. I am looking to build upon my life, to try and achive something better and of course, by this time in 2012, I wil be saying the same old bull s**t as I was, predicting that 2013 might be better.

No, life is not bad, it is just me being cynical. But why not? After all, we are all in this together.

So, to those delusional with an extra amount of holiday time, a very Happy New Year to you. To those working throughout this 'festive period' I appreciate your pain, because it is also my pain. And to all of those not looking forward to Tuesday 3rd January when you all shuffle back to work, just take a moment to stop and realise that it is my day off since Christmas Day, so I am actually quite looking forward to it! I need a break...

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