Friday, 30 December 2011

Really, that was Christmas 2011

For those that are back to work today already, I feel your pain. But I was working through Christmas, busy as hell. But it was fun, really fun. Really. Honest. I am smiling! Really!


Yes, it was hellish in some respects, and I lost out on far too much sleep over the Christmas period. But it was one of the most entertaining festive periods I ever had. There were old faces and new at the dinner table and it was one hell of a dinner.

Not only was it eating and making merry, but it was rushing around town. Meeting people, fr too many and trying to link up with as many loved ones as possible. TO be blunt, I have never had a Christmas as busy.

But you know what, despite the fatigue, I really miss Christmas. All of it. The hullabaloo, the panic, the hassle. After all is said and done, you miss it because the loved ones are no longer there. The fantasy, suspending yourself from reality disappears. For just a few brief hours, the world is good, for those lucky enough to enjoy Christmas. It is a one day dance that takes the best part of three months to plan for and to spend and get in to debt for. But, despite the hassle, the hustle, I will do it again this year.

It is probably why Christmas only come once a year, as we need time to forget the stress and look back fondly at the memories.

But one thing I will repeat. I HATE STANSTED AIRPORT. Nothing will change my mind with regards to that!