Sunday, 1 January 2012

Looking back at 2011

So this may be as personal as this blog gets. Or I might get peckish before I can be bothered to reach the goal of 500 words and so cut it short. But, no matter what, here is my personal look back at 2011. Not at the events of the world, but of the events in my life, while not giving away too much detail as I am damn cagey about such things. For the manipulative writing mind that I have, this is quite some feat, so enough with the intro bumpf and let me get going.

Personally, I have had a weird and wonderful year. But it has definitely been spectacular on that front. But definitely add the adjectives weird and wonderful into that description and I could accurately portray my emotional state. I have had to adapt myself to a brand new and far more situation, but I have not done too badly so far. But as a man, it is always my responsibility to take charge while at the same time slavishly obey the wiser half. These conflicting aims are what makes such situations special and the cornerstone of human relationships. We, as humans, are complex beasts and when starting down a path with someone, the bumps are numerous. With someone special beside me, it has definitely been one of the more interesting years personally.

Professionally, as I have said previously on this blog, it has been an utter disaster of a year, and this is something I hope to reverse in 2012. Whether my optimism will be snuffed out this year remains to be seen, but it will be an interesting year. I will be revealing more in February, as part of my plans involve Poland. Cashwise however, this has been a fantastic year, and I have saved a bundle of money, been able to play with motorbikes this year (including gaining my licence) and I have travelled like hell.

Travelling has been intermixed with my personal life and to an extent my professional side as well. One big difference this year versus previous years has been my European travels. This year I have seem more European countries than my previous years combined. Firstly, that shows how much I have travelled beyond my own neighbourhood and secondly, it also shows a shift in my own personality, which I predicted when I was in my twenties. That in my thirties I would begin to see Europe, mainly as I could afford to. Expect more Euro-travels coming up in 2012.

Individually, it has been a bit of a funky year. Ending the year by getting knocked off my bicycle to be honest sucked (and my leg was bloody sore, but is getting better) but I have had not a bad one. I think my personal life has definitely been the highlight, while my film life has been the lowlife this year. But onward I go, 2012 is still a bright shining star round the corner. Although, with 2009 still fresh in my mind, I am very wary of being too optimistic...

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