Saturday, 7 January 2012

My life is over - I have a 3ds...

For those regular readers of this blog, you may realise that I have a video game fetish. More accurately, I have a Zelda fetish, but pretty much anything animated and playable, I am game for it.

For my generation, this is perfectly normal. While we grew up with lousy Vic 20's and BBC Micros, there was always an element of fun behind the serious stuff of spreadsheets and word processing and early 1980's databases. And then Nintendo came along, and truly gave us what we wanted from the microchip - purile fun!

And so began the steady decline of my generation to video game addiction. An addiction that has lasted to this day.

When I found my Gameboy last year, I was in seventh heaven. I was lucky enough to have it bought for me at the tender age of eleven. And while I have churned through a SNES and a Sega Megadrive, for some reason, I have clung onto my Gameboy like a faithful friend. And for good reason, back in 1991, it cost £70 and my first standalone game, Super Mario Land cost £20 - not small change!

And over the past year and a half I have enjoyed my bouts of handheld gaming. So much so, that at the beginning of 2011 I was very tempted to buy a DS to get back into the whole gaming scene. Then I found out that Nintendo were going to release a 3d Version of their handheld, and I waited. And waited, with growing impatience. And a whole host of terrible ads. (I would have been more convinced by the Greek ads). Until last week, when I saw the bundle at a price I could afford and bought it.

And I also bought Zelda 3D. Oh baby...

Do not underestimate how long I have wanted to play Ocarina of Time. Despite the fact that I have only played two Zelda Games in their entirety up until this point, their impact on me during my childhood has been immeasurable. And so last night, against my better judgement, I popped Ocarina of Time into the slot. And played. And then worked. Then played. Then worked. And played. Throughout the night.

I have never had such a night of such joy and such woe as last night.

In addition I have another two games on the system. Super Mario 3d Land (see a pattern emerging here from my Gameboy days) and the free download, Four Swords. As I registered all my bumf, in the next few days I should also be getting a free download of Kid Icarus, a port of the NES Original. I do have a couple more games that I want to buy when I can afford them, and then I will rest on my laurels and slowly buy releases as they come out.

Part of the reason I bought the 3ds now (despite the absolutely s**t battery life) is that it has access to the DS' back catalogue. There are also a few games from there that I will be sniffing around.

I must admit, it is quite a different experience from the old Gameboy. It has gone beyod the switching cartridges around and switching the system on. The whole gaming experience has become a lot more sophisticated over the past decade and a half. I do have a lot of catching up to do. And I am looking forward to it...

I will not be around much for

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