Friday, 17 February 2012

This damn blog - the reorganisation

After so many years of blogging, I have run out of stuff to say.

No, I am just very busy.

So I am going to change my blogging output to something more manageable and more realistic for me to do.

Tuesdays will be the main blog day for the week, and usually film related. Oh yes, the blog of El Director will finally live up to its name.

Fridays and Saturdays will be back to normal random fun, unless I am out of the country. In that case, I will not be blogging that week. And yes, I have a lot of trips planned this year to leave the country.

That does not mean I will not be blogging in between, but I want to make sure that this blog, and it has been going on for such a long time, will get the posts it deserves, rather than the patchy rubbish I have been spouting recently :)

And yes, I am going to explain what I have been upto next Tuesday...

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