Friday, 24 February 2012

The week


One word.


Sunday, I was in Whitstable, and did not sleep. Monday, shot some footage for a grant application. Then worked on Monday right through until today, and will next be off on Wednesday. I do plan a cinema trip then on Wednesday to celebrate this fact, and of course, as I have a mission to visit cinemas every month.

Today, as I have a long gap in between shifts, I went to the bank, booked hotel rooms for May and also organised a stag-do (yes, I am a best man this May).

And the amount of paperwork I have done this week in between everything else has been astounding! Pre-Production is never fun. Pre-Production for what? Oh yes, do not worry, that set of blog posts is in the planing. I have been meaning to tell the world about the next project in January, but getting things off the ground is never easy.

Don't forget the taxes!

Oh, and I have been cycling instead of driving in an effort to maintain some sort of fitness for myself. This of course, adds an hour to my commute per day.

So, yeah, a little busy. Therefore, tomorrow's blog post I promise will be more interesting.

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